Doors Need Love!

Hello folks!

35 years ago I fell in love with doors and had some stellar mentors. And then I worked in a door factory with my Uncle for 6 years. And then here in Santa Fe I was the man sent to far flung regions of the country like Texas and Florida and Puerto Rico, to install the very fanciest of doors. All that to say I still enjoy the challenge of hanging a door well. The geometry of the opening, and the technical qualities of the hardware never fail to stimulate. And then there is the need for maintenance and repair to keep them opening and closing the physical and the metaphoric transitions of our lives, large and small, each day.

Here with this post below you can see us swapping out a whole assembly; and sometimes a few tweeks here and there and some hardware adjustment is all that is needed as with the lovely Portland Oregon entry door in the lead in photo. 

We enjoy helping keep things running smoothly, and you never know, maybe a new door or window is in your future!

Thank you,


Andrew Hunt, Owner Love Builds Inc. 



Marvin Integrity
Marvin Patio Slider Changed Out