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ERV. What is it? Energy Recovery Ventilation. The basics are these: Fresh air comes in. Stale air goes out. And the heat or cool, (energy), that you paid for with your utility bill dollars goes from the exiting “stale air” to the incoming “fresh air”, conserving said dollars. The machine that makes this energy transfer happen is called an ERV.

I start with my proposal and then explain ERV further; full story below! Check it out!


The Love of Building

Hello to my wonderful customers!

I have been building since I was 4, but I've never talked about the reason I build. Wow do I ever have a lot to say about this! I will be adding my words here in the next couple of days, and I'm excited; stand by!

Found Heart Images for Business Cards


Hello customers!

For years now I have been keeping a sharp eye for hearts in the environment; I've found ones in the natural world, in industry, on the job site. These now grace my business cards and I'm sharing them here. They are fun! And they bring a spot of joy amidst the sometimes tedious and difficult world of making a living!

This lead-in image is of a fragment of Tyvek house wrap inadvertently cut into the shape of a heart.

This next image I found in an intersection in Los Alamos on the way to the work site. Grit is everywhere, as is love!


Hello potential client/visitor-to-our site!

Amongst other activities we make maple burl tables! These gems are fashioned from Western Big Leaf Maple Burl. They are a fusion of effort between my team and that of the fine steel work of "Dulfer Metal Llc". My friend and colleague Steve Dulfer, master blacksmith, is shown here in the photos. 

Keep those Fancy Cars Safe!

As a part of our recent remodel for this customer we made a fancy carport! The goal here was to keep the inherited vintage Corvettes out of the weather. Our customers found a clean and modern design concept off the web. To achieve the desired look powder coating the parts was necessary. We used Absolute Powdercoating of Albuquerque. It was necessary to prefit all parts, dissasemble, take everything to Albuquerque, wait two weeks, return with the parts and reassemble. We used egyptian methods to fabricate this unit. Hands rather than tools took the lovely parts into place!

Server Room

A dropped ceiling, wall foam additions, heavy sheetrock sidewalls, and strict air temperature and humidity controls were all needed to keep these valuable computers running properly!