Found Heart Images for Business Cards

Street View


Hello customers!

For years now I have been keeping a sharp eye for hearts in the environment; I've found ones in the natural world, in industry, on the job site. These now grace my business cards and I'm sharing them here. They are fun! And they bring a spot of joy amidst the sometimes tedious and difficult world of making a living!

This lead-in image is of a fragment of Tyvek house wrap inadvertently cut into the shape of a heart.

This next image I found in an intersection in Los Alamos on the way to the work site. Grit is everywhere, as is love!


Street view of love

Found Hearts
With EVERY Project, I have noticed that a little blood is shed!

Bread Tab
Bread Tab; somebody saw an opportunity to spread love and make an essential product!

Coffee Art
Coffee brings a smile in general; and then the artistic baristas add a little more love!